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GCS makes an advanced biblical studies degree from an accredited educational institution affiliated with Churches of Christ in the United States feasible for church leaders around the world. GCS networks with congregations, organizations and individuals willing to sponsor students and coordinates with institutions offering distance education. GCS will not cover all the costs of a graduate degree—students are expected to partially support themselves. 


“We do not offer an easy degree--an advanced degree takes hard work and dedication. We seek to make the resources available to those who would most benefit from them, in the places that most need it.”   
Benny Tabalujan, Melbourne, Australia


“This degree is my launching pad into a lifetime of ministry.”--Nathan, current GCS student, Brisbane, Australia

While ⅔ of members of Churches of Christ live outside the US, the overwhelming majority of theologically trained members live and serve within the US. Churches outside the US are often led by foreign missionaries or missionary-trained local leaders. God has used them to further his kingdom in great ways. Yet what happens next? How well are current church leaders training the next generation of church leaders? Many missionaries have benefited from graduate biblical training. Who is providing for the biblical training of the next generation of leaders?


GCS partners with Harding School of Theology (HST), to make the Master of Arts in Christian Ministry (MACM) degree available for church leaders around the world. The MACM prepares graduates for the practical work of leading a local congregation. Classes will primarily be taken by distance education, allowing students to remain within their home country. Concurrent involvement in congregational life helps make the MACM even more practical and allows the training to have an immediate impact on the local church.

“I have enjoyed digging deeper into God's Word through other courses with Harding and have grown in my faith through guidance from my professors that when the opportunity from GCS arose, it was a good idea to take up their support.”--Nancy, current GCS student, Melbourne, Australia


Additional churches, foundations and individuals are needed to sponsor students and provide funding for each GCS student.  Contact GCS for further details.

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