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WHY WE EXIST--Influence for the Decades

"The goal of insourcing rather than outsourcing ministry training into churches is a really good value and practice that GCS is promoting." -- Justin, current GCS student, Lausanne, Switzerland

“I'd like to be a better servant in God's kingdom so that I can teach ladies' classes when called upon and be better at evangelism.”--Nancy, current GCS student, Melbourne, Australia

"My teaching experience, as an instructor with West Nigeria Christian College and School of Biblical Studies Abeokuta Ogun State Nigeria, has been greatly impacted positively and my horizon widened with the level of scholarship I am receiving at HST."--Jasper, HST and GCS graduate, Abeokuta, Nigeria

Influence for the Decades


God uses all our gifts in remarkable ways. Yet we know that some have more lasting earthly influence than others. Printed materials are often read, taught and then discarded. A mission trip lasts for ten days and after the campaigners come back, their influence in the destination country begins to wane. On it goes.


Clearly a lesson that leads to the salvation of a soul or a mission trip that plants and harvests a Gospel seed has effect for eternity.


But some gifts have substantial earthly influence. One that endures for decades is education. Train a brother or sister well and deeply in Scripture and that influence goes on and on. In fact, instead of waning, the influence of education intensifies. It’s like a snowball rolling down a hill. The longer it rolls the bigger it gets.


Global Christian Studies aims to provide deep, enduring training for leaders around the world. We can’t hold the results in our hands like we can some printed materials. We can’t see the Power Point presentation of the excited campaigners. But educate a leader and that influence lives on. It will come out in a person he teaches today and next year. She will use it to influence other women during a retreat this month and use it again in another gathering in ten years.  


In fact, education is self-perpetuating. Train a leader and they train others. The ones they train do the same thing.


Global Christian Studies takes a long view. A gift toward training a leader is a gift that has influence for decades.


Harold Shank


Global Christian Studies

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