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"I had long hoped to pursue a graduate degree in ministry or theology, but the lack of local opportunities and the cost of studying in the United States had prevented me from doing so. God truly opened doors for me through you, for which I am extremely grateful."--Justin, current GCS student, Lausanne, Switzerland


For the future growth and maturity of congregations outside the US, they need access to solid biblical teaching taught by professors in schools supportive of Restoration Movement perspectives. All too often, these are the same congregations that lack the resources necessary to make this training available. GCS is looking for individuals, organizations and congregations willing to help. It is an investment in the individual students receiving the training. It is an investment in the congregations who will benefit from their being trained. It is an investment in the kingdom of God.

If you are interested in this investment into the kingdom of God and want to receive more information on how to sponsor a student, fill out the form available on our contacts page.


GCS is looking to expand a network of sponsors willing to support students financially and maintain ties to students, helping ensure their success through the GCS Pathway.


Level 1: Praying Partner - If you're willing, we would like to provide you with a name of a student and their ministry work and progress so far at HST. We would like to ask your congregation, or at least your leaders to be mindful in prayer over their ministry.

Level 2: 1213 Partner - Paul writes in Romans 12:13 to contribute to the needs of the saints. As a 1213 Partner, you will be grouped with other 1213 Partners who can occasionally provide funds for specific needs. Students need laptops, batteries, chargers, costs for visas, costs for exams, textbooks, e-readers, and other things that your church could help cover. GCS asks students to cover these costs themselves as part of their commitment to their education, but life circumstances sometimes get in the way, and they don’t have the financial means to cover a time sensitive need. When a need arises, GCS will email all 1213 Partners asking for the specific cost for the specific need. These needs will typically be lower in cost, but even these small contributions can enrich the lives of church leaders around the world.

Level 3: Community Sponsorship - At this level, you will be working with other churches to each provide the funds needed to fully sponsor a student’s education We can help match you with these
other churches, or if you have some in mind, we would love to talk with them. This helps
fit most church missions budgets - and working through GCS you will be able to see how
your money is being spent with student progress updates.

Level 4: Sister Church Sponsorship - At this level, you will split the cost of a student with one other church,
contributing half their educational cost each year for five years. This will join you and that other sister congregation closer together in your mission work, and the student will be blessed through your giving.

Level 5: Full Sponsorship - At our highest level, you take on the responsibility to fully fund a student's education at HST. Approximately $5,000 for five years in partnership with a HST scholarship will see a student earning a master’s degree. Full Sponsor Churches will be the sole church blessing and empowering them to do the work of the gospel in their country.

Level 6: Partner Churches - Partner churches join in the ministry to keep GCS running. They come onto a team of churches that provide the funds to enable our team to invest the hours needed in finding new students, connecting them to the program, finding other churches, and promoting the work. Partner churches are capable of providing $15,000 a year or more to support the ministry of GCS.




                                               Contact Caleb Dillinger at for more information.

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