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Global Christian Studies currently has two students enrolled at Harding School of Theology.


Nancy Wu Won


Melbourne, Australia

I have enjoyed digging deeper into God's Word through other courses with Harding and have grown in my faith through guidance from my professors that when the opportunity from GCS arose, it was a good idea to take up their support.

I'd like to be a better servant in God's kingdom so that I can teach ladies' classes when called upon and be better at evangelism.


I feel very blessed to have giants of the faith help me grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Nathan Wilson


Brisbane, Australia

GCS has made it possible for me to study the Master of Arts in Christian Ministry through the amazing connections they offer administratively and in financial support. It's a true blessing being able to study ministry at HST without having to leave my home in Australia where I have a heart to serve Christ's Church. GCS is making a huge contribution to my spiritual leadership development by enabling me to learn at a top university supportive of my convictions within the Church of Christ.

The energy and passion my professors have for the ministries they serve and teach is contagious. They are innovative with a deep love and understanding of the scriptures. I have found myself amongst a community of professors and students who have an endless desire to serve God and others.

This degree is my launching pad into a lifetime of ministry.

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